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25 SEP

Ultrafast light reveals sketches under Renaissance painting

Short light pulses help to reveal secret drawings under the paint of a 16th century art relic. The advanced technology can be used to document key cultural artefacts.

Physics Light sources
22 SEP

Acoustic Techology is the right place to be.

Postdoc Gerd Høy Marbjerg continues her work on PARISM - phased acoustical radiosity and image source method.  

22 SEP

PhD at DTU Wind Energy wins prestigious award

Jayachandra Sakamuri, former PhD-student at DTU Wind Energy in INP wins the EAWE Young Wind Doctor Award 2017.

Wind energy
21 SEP

PhD defence about artificial reproduction of eel

PhD Student Filipa da Silva, DTU Aqua has investigated factors influencing the maturational response of European female eels to hormonal treatments and resulting egg quality...

Fish and shellfish
21 SEP

Four elite technical universities to hire 80 young researchers

The European alliance of technical universities, EuroTech, launches a postdoc programme, which strengthens collaboration between leading research environments in Europe...

21 SEP

Poster from DTU Chemistry best of 900

A poster by postdoc Søren Kramer won the “Chemistry – A European Journal Poster Prize” .

20 SEP

Non-invasive monitoring of response to treatment in cancer patients - Molecular...

23 November 2017 Professor Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-Larsen will give a talk to DTU alumni together with collaboration partner Professor, MD Andreas Kjær from Copenhagen University...

Medicine and medico technology Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases
20 SEP

Chris V. Nielsen receives the F.W. Taylor Medal

Associate Professor Chris V. Nielsen from DTU Mechanical Engineering received the very prestigious, international award, F.W. Taylor Medal Award, an award given by CIRP...

19 SEP

New knowledge paves way for better hearing aids

Hearing aids amplify sounds in our surroundings. New research makes it possible to distinguish between wanted sounds, e.g. a voice, and unwanted noise.

Sound Hearing aids